When we first thought about our wedding, it seemed like the ceremony was the last thing we considered. It wasn’t that we didn’t think it was important, we just didn’t know what we wanted to do. I was lucky enough to run into Diane Smith-Hoban and Marguerite Sexton from Journey’s of the Heart one day. After a long conversation with them about the excitement of weddings and the meaning behind the ceremony, it was clear I had to give it some serious thought. I came home and had a heart to heart with Ccelli. We agreed, we needed Diane to officiate our ceremony. We wanted it to be special and what she told me resonated with me.

As luck would have it, Diane was invited on a surprise trip to celebrate her birthday and wouldn’t be able to officiate. She introduced us to Bob Pileggi and asked if we would be interested in having him do the ceremony. The very first email Bob sent me had a link to a video of a wedding he officiated. I was literally crying at my desk. I forwarded the email to Ccelli and his response was “I love him!!!”. We set up a meeting with Bob for the following week.

Bob Pileggi

When we met Bob he had us tell “our story” to him. We haven’t talked that way in a long time. To think back and re-live the life we have had together so far was not only therapeutic but reaffirming. I have of course always loved our story but to be able to tell it to someone else was fun for me and extremely emotional.

The meeting gave us an opportunity to really think about the words we were going to be saying to one another too. The whole reason you throw a big wedding bash is because of the result of those words. We are really taking our time to choose those words carefully and make sure we remember that moment for as long as possible.

We can’t wait for you to meet Bob! And we can’t wait to exchange our vows in front of our family and friends!

Check out Bob in action here: