As we grow older, becoming more sentimental is inevitable. It’s easy to reflect back on life, but finding joy in it is sometimes challenging. I, however have been finding joy in many memories lately. One in particular is the weeks in the summer when I would head to North Jersey to visit my Aunt Rita, Uncle Bill, cousin Billy and Kelly. The memories are crystal clear. I remember sitting in the family room on the bucket chairs at the card table. I remember lip-syncing to Whitney Houston with Kelly as Uncle Bill taped us. I remember making Roy Roger’s fried chicken with Billy. I remember the pool, their dog April, and doing arts and crafts with my Aunt Rita. Uncle Bill by the way also happens to be my God Father 🙂

Kelly and Billy

We miss you Billy!

It should come as no surprise that when I realized I needed decorations for the wedding that I panicked. The best I could envision was some twigs in a glass vase sitting on each table. I’m not the most “creative” of the family when it comes to things like this. I made the 911 call to my mother. I was now officially in centerpiece hell. I knew from the beginning that I was going to reach out to my Aunt for help. There was so much work though, I didn’t want to bother her with all of it so I needed to be clear as to what I REALLY needed help with. Centerpieces.

Within what seemed like minutes, my cell phone buzzed and the incoming message was “samples” of centerpieces I only dreamed about. All they knew is what color I wanted and Aunt Rita and Kelly transformed it into a work of pure beauty. Kelly even got her amazing husband Ken involved in the process and I have no doubt that little Emma and William were at the craft table pitching in. I teared up when I saw the photos because sh*t was about to get real. The visuals of the wedding were coming together.

Aunt Rita and Uncle Bill

I always knew how talented my Aunt was of course. She is an A-List designer and manages to always include family into projects. She actually did the centerpieces for my sister Janelle’s wedding and most of the folks in the family still use them as decorations at Christmas time. But when I saw what she created for me and Ccelli, I was in awe. Even Ccelli got a little verklempt. Anyway, the Canham’s are amazing and my Aunt can rock some crafts like no other. I am so excited for you all to see how pretty the tables are going to be 🙂

So cheers to you Aunt Rita! Thank you for helping make this day extra special!

Aunt Rita