We looked far and wide for the most perfect venue in Philadelphia. Trust me, we saw them all! There are so many beautiful locations to get married in this great city. Although neither of us were born here, we have lived here for so long that Philadelphia is our “home”. It was the only place that made to sense to get married. We built our life together here so why not make it official here too!


We chose the IATSE Ballroom as the spot for our wedding. You may not have heard of it but let me just say it has all the drama and romance we could ever ask for! Located in South Philadelphia right off the beaten path, the IATSE ballroom is combination of South Philly Italian charm and the bright lights and big sound we craved.

Watch out for great food, incredible music, and some interesting surprises 🙂

Lights… Camera… MANGIA!!!

Conveniently located in South Philadelphia, just minutes from Center City, I-95, 76 and the area bridges including Walt Whitman and Benjamin Franklin.


The IATSE Ballroom
2401 South Swanson Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

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