“Everything about her is perfect except I would maybe turn down the volume.”

I waited so long to propose because I really wanted to do it right and get Jodie a nice rock. Jodie’s tastes are … well lets just say she is a little particular. I was looking for a vintage style ring for a few months but just couldn’t find what I wanted. So what do I do when I can’t find something? Call my mom of course!
My mom mentioned that there was a family heirloom antique ring but it wasn’t a diamond. I checked it out and it was PERFECT and the hunt for a diamond begun. After staring at a million different diamonds, I found the perfect one finally. I took the diamond and the ring to a jeweler to get it set the right way and added a few on the sides for added sparkle. Now the real planning began.
I masterminded a scenerio where Jodie and I would go away together and the stars would align perfectly, there would be doves and fireworks, champagne … you get the idea. When I picked up the finished ring I was so blown away by how perfect it came out the proposal plan went out the window. I just couldn’t contain myself so on the train ride home I threw together a new plan: pick up all of Jodie’s favorites and propose immediately upon entering the apt. I walked in the door and Jodie asked what the flowers and Prosecco was for, I said, “Today is the best day of our lives”. She asked why and I said “Today is the day we get engaged”. I got on one knee and proposed. Jodie said … NOTHING and I mean nothing. She just looked at me in complete shock. After a few minute she came back to reality and said yes. The rest is history and I couldn’t be happier.


“Thanks to his loyalty, I now know 500 different ways to prepare chicken.”

Something about Ccelli that is important to note is that he loves chicken. It’s pretty much the only thing he eats. It was a Wednesday night after work and I was doing what I always do in the evening … making chicken 🙂 He walked in from work with White Lilies and Prosecco – two of my favorite things. I asked him what the hell he was doing. It was just a Wednesday night after all. He said we had to celebrate the greatest night of our lives. I looked at him and started laughing, only able to say, “Really? And why is that?”. His response was simply, “Because it’s the day we got engaged.” Before I could turn off the stove he was down on one knee. I was speechless for a few good minutes. And he was right … it was the greatest night of our lives … so far 🙂
The ring is outrageously beautiful. It was his Great Grandmothers from the early 1900′s. The original stone was a sapphire. Ccelli had it replaced with a diamond. The original stone is being converted into a new piece of jewelry courtesy of my future Mother-in-Law to wear as my something blue.
I've taken on wedding planning like a champ. It has been a pleasure to organize this event. There will be no greater feeling in the world than when I get to walk down the aisle and see the love of my life. It's been a great 8 years and I'm looking forward to an eternity more.

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Here is where we get a little heart felt. They say that marriage is two lives becoming one. While that may be true, We value the people around so much, we feel as if we are joining two armies. Two groups of people filled with love and light are coming together to build an unstoppable force. When we think about the wedding day and what we will most look forward to, it absolutely will be all the smiling faces of our family and friends. There is something about a wedding that forces you to feel joy if even for a fleeting moment.

We love you all so deeply. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Thank you for the love and support. But most of all thank you for giving us a reason to do what we do.

Ccelli and Jodie

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